Tony Persico

Tony Persico, born in Joliet IL, Age 37 / lives in Los Angeles. In 2017 Neal Grusky and Tony Persico started building the band “Prey for Sunday”. What “Prey For Sunday” is to me is just simply an opportunity to draw people in; those who are hurting, dealing with life’s daily crap, trying to find peace but never really finding it… – Songwriting is way for me and I’m sure for many others too sing threw the pain & celebrate the joy we experience in life – That hasn’t always been easy to do but I put my heart in every song I wrote – My thought in end for you the listener is whatever this music ends up becoming for you whether it’s helping get you threw a hard trial or helping you too hold on – just listen – And make it personal to you! – now sit back relax and enjoy the ride! Cause It’s gonna be an awesome!