Prey for Sunday Launch

Hi everyone!
Welcome to the launch of our site.


We are releasing our debut single for the song “Dont Let It End”. This single will be followed with the video for that song we just finished shooting last week. This song will be available via all streaming services ie: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc. also we will have merchandise available via our site here as well.


We think in this first News release/Blog we would like tell everyone a little about the band. So here is a little bit about us. We hope you enjoy to learn about who we are, and what we are about.


Prey for Sunday was formed in 2018 by Guitarist Neal Grusky, and Vocalist Tony Persico. Soon after bassist Shad was added to the band. the band proceeded to record its debut songs, 5 to be exact.


Prey for Sunday does not feel we sound like any one band, but we feel we fall into a category of bands that have similar musical styles, and genres to ours. Bands such as Shinedown, 3 Days Grace, Halestorm, St. Asonia, etc. While we feel we are relative to these bands, we cant stress enough how we have our own sound, and unique style. Our music is a combination dynamic, catchy, and melodic songs.


We are super excited to get our new music out! We cant stress enough how passionate we are about what we do. We hope you will share our passion for our music.


Good Bless Everyone. We hope our music helps to get you through these difficult times that surround us now.

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